Perspective is everything

Welcome traveller. You must be lost. I’m certain that I don’t have much of a “regular” readership anymore, if I ever did.


General News

It has been some months since my last post, and things have changed since then. I’ve recently started to have more time to play EVE, and as such I’ve started playing EVE more regularly. I’ve moved in with a null sec group in drone space, and have been enjoying it so far.

I’ve gotten back into Cap Production only this time I’m looking at dreadnoughts not freighters, or should I say “Gotten into” – I suppose that depends on your thoughts of Freighters being capital production.

Change of Perspective

Since coming back I’ve started running anomalies in null sec, and have been enjoying the freedom it gives. If 2011 me had started doing this I’d have been thinking “This is so much ISK what am I going to do with it all?” – After having run Incursions for almost 4 years though, my perspective is definitely changed. Instead of making ~200mil/hr I’m now making ~20mil/hr. It’s a

The biggest change though that I’ve seen is the attitude of this corp to wardecs, compared to other similar corps that I’ve been involved with in hi-sec. I’ve written in the past about how people look at wardecs in hi sec. This corp however, it’s been so much quieter. Being in null sec, the war dec doesn’t really impact us at all. The people doing the dec just camp market hubs in hi sec, so no real danger to us at all. Corp activity hasn’t dropped at all, and everyone’s down here having fun and doing what we’d normally doing, with or without a war dec. The only real difference is those who are doing a market run use an alt to move the gear to low sec first, then use their main hauling characters to move it the rest of the way.

There’s been one death in the alliance, a person who was mining in high sec, but there haven’t been massive alliance wide mails being sent out raging about how war decs have ruined the game. This is all rather topical right now after the latest CSM summit, and all the discussion that’s been on reddit lately.  Who knows what the future of wardecs will be.

Over all, I’m enjoying taking the game at what I’d call a slower pace, and the ability to get out and shoot stuff without always having to have a fleet of 30-40 other pilots with me. Even if the ISK is a little lower this way.

Signing off

I didn’t have much to really talk about in this post, I mainly just wanted to get back into blogging now that I’m playing eve more regularly. Until next time, fly safe!