Finding some action

As always, I’m not one to sit around and wait for too long once I’ve decided to do something. This is probably an issue on my part, but such is life.

Almost immediately after my last post, I found an alliance who was looking for some more corps, and they accepted my little band of me into it. (VECGS is recruiting! Come join us(me)!)

After getting down to the area that they’re currently based in it’s been rather uneventful for the most part. This is mainly due to timezone differences. But due to some crazy weather we’ve been having I had a bit of extra time than normal, so I managed to go out on a WH roam that I would otherwise have missed out on. It was interesting to say the least. A good mixture of more experienced and new pilots. Definitely worth going out, even if it was nearly 2 hours before we found anything, but such is life when you look through wormholes.

After diving through multiple holes, and only almost getting stuck at least twice (Save your out-holes dammit!) we were on our way back, when we suddenly found an occator on scan. This occator pilot wasn’t entirely useless, and put up a bit of a struggle with us having to hunt him down. We eventually found him in a citadel. As we had a number of stealth bombers and a dictor with us, we were able to wait him out, and lay a nice little trap. Eventually he undocked and made a run for the Low Sec exit, where we ultimately got him. Unfortunately for him, we also got his pod.

The pilot, as any good eve pilot should be, wasn’t too salty about it. Although he did have something to say about it.

[07:42:16] Kratch > G’day mate
[07:42:34] Fierabras Black > gg
[07:42:41] Kratch > Same mate.  you did well
[07:43:11] Fierabras Black > Please be kind to my dancers 😉
[07:43:35] Kratch > We have a stack of singles ready to make it rain

While it was a bit of a one sided fight, it was still a nice way to finish up a 2 hour roam. Especially for those that hadn’t had the experience before. With more time we’ll hopefully get even better kills.

For now, I’m enjoying the company that I have and I’m going to try to build my own little section within this alliance.

Until next, fly safe!