BB80 – Not My CSM!



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Blog Banter 80 – A Voice for All Players?

CCP Seagull ecourages you to get involved in CSM12 and put your name forward to be a Space-Politician. On his blog Neville Smit noted that CSM11 had done a good job with minimum of drama. However he said he’d not be covering CSM12 like he has in previous years as he sees no point. The power-blocs will vote on who they want and unless Steve Ronuken manages to get on CSM12 it is almost certainly going to have every seat taken by the big null-sec blocs.

Is Neville right? Is the CSM moving more and more into just a voice for 0.0? Is this a bad thing? Are the hi-sec, low-sec and WH players going to lose out badly or is it really not an issue as its the same game? Could a totally null-sec dominated CSM 12 give a balanced voice for everyone?


Oh boy. An interesting question.

One thing that a lot people think of when they they think CSM candidates from null sec blocs, is that they think of them as focussing only on Null sec.

What they tend to forget, is that these Null Sec candidates don’t only have null sec characters. Very often, the ISK that they use to fund their Null sec activities, a lot of the time doesn’t only come from Null sec. A lot of these people will have Hi-Sec, or Low-Sec alts, who go out and run missions, or incursions, or have station traders in Jita.

While their main focus may be on Null Sec, I strongly believe that their attention would still drift to other areas, simply because they understand from first hand experience, that it’s those other areas that allow them to have their fun out in Null sec.