Beauty in all things

In life, we are often encouraged to find the beauty in the little things. In writing this post, I’m finding the beauty in spell checkers because it appears every second word I’m typing has a typo…

Even though I’ve had a long break from Incursions, and EVE in general, I feel that I’m not just ready for flying incursions again. At this stage I still plan on getting back into them though, once I have more time to dedicate to them. For now, I’ve decided to take a break, and enjoy some simpler things. The first thing to do for that, is to get my Loki out of the Hi-sec Island that it was in. I feel like running some missions for a while.

A short Jump clone later, I’m out of the Machariel at an older incursion dock up, and in a little cluster of hi sec, that’s surrounded by Low sec. The fun part is than moving my Loki into Hi sec. As it’s only ~7 jumps, and I don’t have any crazy implants I decide to go quickly and get the HMAS ThunderGod out into somewhere that I can run missions in relative safety. ┬áScouting is for idiots and all that.

I must say that over all the journey went rather quietly, although it was a shock when I got stuck in a bubble! I thought the entire trip was low sec, I didn’t realise that Null Sec was included!

Regardless, during the journey, I decided to get some happy shots of the Loki, and for the most part that’s all this post is about. I’m very much enjoying my new graphics card, and the updates CCP have done with textures. The Loki looks a lot nicer than I remember it!

That all being said, it’s not just a pretty ship. While I admin that this side was slightly one sided, the Loki definitely has some uses outside shooting rats. It’s also normally a pretty nice ship to have fun with suspects in Jita, as I was doing last night just before downtime. This might just become a bit of a past time… it’s definitely addicting.