Changes changes changes

As I’m certain a lot of people do when they come back to EVE after a few months away, I cleared out some of my assets. I found a whole bunch of older BPCs that I’ve had put in the oven to produce, as well as a stack of Geckos. These were Geckos that I had bought ages ago, when they were relatively cheap because we all had plenty of them. Last time I bought any, they were ~50mil isk each. So this time, I sold them for 58mil.

Boy, have they been selling frequently. I was a little confused why no-one was undercutting my prices in the region. Then I realised that Jita prices for them were ~65mil. No wonder people wanted mine! All well and good, I get several billion isk for little effort!

In other news… I must say that the new fitting tool is wonderful. So very much better than the old system. Being able to copy/paste fits into it, without affecting your current fit, view the EHP/DPS/Cap usage etc, all in game, has been a wonderful blessing. Pyfa still has it’s uses though, so I doubt that’s going away any time soon! The ability to change the implants/skills used and generate DPS Graphs etc, very useful indeed.

Another change that is interesting, is On-Grid Boosting. While I haven’t sat down and figured out all the mechanics and how they work, I must say it’s made incursions interesting. Where we used to have 40 pilots on grid, with two boosters giving us full seige/skirmish and info boosts, now we run 39 pilots, and a booster giving full siege, and a single skirmish boost. Those Armor/Info boosts are gone, and at times not even use these boosts! Definitely an interesting change, and speaks volumes about the increase in pilot skills, or how over-compensating we were in the past.

And last but not least… the visual affects are beautiful. The new explosions are amazing, Command bursts are beautiful light shows!

I’ve enjoyed coming back to Eve. For now I’m going to stick with TVP and incursions, sticking to what I know. But I may look at moving out at some point soon!