New Year – New PC – Not new headphones

Welcome everyone, to my very first blog post of the year. I am hoping to post a little bit more than I did last year

One of the reasons I didn’t post as much last year, was due to the graphics card in my last computer dying. Following that, a few months later the motherboard in it died as well, so I wasn’t even able to utilise it for basic functions, while playing eve on my laptop, and truth be told playing eve on my laptop wasn’t the most enjoyable experience. It was a cheap machine, and it’s only real purpose was for some simple coding when travelling which it’s only been used once for, and outside of that it basically sat around gathering dust! After reading some of my archives it appears that computers dying on me is pretty common.

As the title suggests, I’ve purchased a new PC. My old one was over 4 years old, and I didn’t really feel like salvaging it. After a few months of saving, I eventually ordered my new machine. When I bought my last machine, I opted for a conservative build to save money, due to some financial difficulties, as well as my brain tumour fun that occurred not long before I purchased it. (Although that recovery time was great for my blogging output!).This time, I didn’t want to go that route. I’m working full time. My wife is working full time. We can afford to not go conservative, and go a little bit crazy, I just had to wait and save the money up for it.

After saving up for several months, and a nice Christmas bonus later, the order for the parts was finally placed. I had been working on the parts list on and off for several months. Removing certain parts, swapping parts out etc. I decided on the following parts list:

Product Type Model
CASE Cooler Master MasterCase 5 Mid Tower Case
PSU Corsair CS750M 750W ATX Power Supply
Mother Board ASRock Z170 Extreme4 LGA1151 ATX Motherboard
CPU Intel Core i7 6700
Graphics Card Asus GeForce GTX 1080 ROG STRIX Gaming 8GB Video Card
RAM Corsair 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 2400MHz
Optical Drive Pioneer BDR-209EBK (Blueray)
HDD Western Digital Black WD1003FZEX 1 TB
SSD Samsung 250GB SSD 850 EVO
OS Windows 10 PRO 32/64 Bit USB

Due to some confusion, I also ended up ordering an additional Coolermaster CPU Air Cooler. It wasn’t needed, I just got confused reading up on the i7 6700k not coming with a stock cooler… While the doctors say everything is fine, I still have a hole in my head 5 years down the track and I’m still going to claim it as the reason I do some strange things at times…

After about a week, the parts eventually came in the mail. I ordered from two separate suppliers, uMart and PC Case Gear in case any Australian Readers are wondering. While uMart was cheaper for most items, PC Case Gear had the graphics card for $200 less.

The case, Graphics card and Windows 10 all came in one shrink-wrapped delivery. (Banana for scale)

While the case is definitely large, the box it came in was massive! The delivery driver arranged with me on the day of it arriving to ensure that I was at home to pick it up, as there was no way they would have been able to get it out of their van!

Everything laid out – Yes I have a floral couch in the same room as my computer

I really must take a moment to show you how the Windows 10 USB came. A lot of most likely just got Windows 10 from the download on our computers because we were running 7 or 8. I was pleasantly surprised at the packaging for the USB.

Last time I bought Windows from a store… it came in one of those old Cardboard DVD sleeves. Very ugly. This was nice and compact. Sure, a lot more packaging than needed, but it felt… stylish.

Inside the box! The USB was in it’s little slot, and behind the booklet on the right is a sleeve with the serial number printed onto a cardboard imitation key-card. Very well done!

I’m also very impressed with this case. There’s so many cool little dedicated little things in it for making your life easier. Those two little things that looked clipped on in this image, are two SSDs. (I scavenged one from my last build..)

While I know I’m not the best at cable management, this case definitely made my life a lot easier! It had channels and holes throughout to just make the entire experience a lot easier. The drive bays are also removable, so if you’re only usng SSDs, you can just use the SSD slots and get rid of the drive bays. The have two other SSD slots, underneath the graphics card, but I went for the ones at the back just to make it a bit neater.

The motherboard has the downside, that if I had the Graphics card in the top PCIE slot, due to it’s larger-than-normal length, the graphics card would cover the SATA ports on the motherboard. Other than that, I’m so far very happy.

All set up! I’ve since moved the case onto the desk and removed the laptop from the picture. I simply wasn’t using it, and it’s a lot easier for me to have the desktop on the top of the desk. I’m certain someone out there will notice. The keyboard, monitors, mouse and headphones aren’t new. The keyboard is a Logitech G110 that I bought before my last computer, and has been working wonderfully ever since and I still have no real reason to upgrade it. The mouse and headphones are newer. The headphones are some older razer headset that they no longer make, with the mouse being a Razer Taipan, that they’ve since remade in a Chroma edition, for those that love rainbows.

It’s since been two weeks since I got this set up running, and have installed everything I need to install. It’s been a great system, and I must say I’ve loved being able to get back into EVE. While I doubt I’ll play as often as I used to, I’ll definitely be playing more often than I did for most of 2015-2016.

And now we’ve reached the final part of my post’s title. I was sitting down and consolidating my assets, and ensuring my fits were up-to-standard etc. I got up for a quick break, and came back to find a little present in my headphone’s cable.

For those wondering, that’s my ankle

Fortunately, it’s just the sheathing that’s damaged. The cable itself is intact and works well enough for now. It does mean though, that I will be putting a new pair of Logitech G930′s on my wishlist though! I had the Logitech G35’s previously and loved them! The G930’s are very much the descendant of them, so I’ll look forward to them in the future.

That’s all for now… I’m going to get back into the game and jumping right back into looking after the SRF that I helped create for TVP many years ago…