CCPs disreguard of game mechanic abuse, general greifing, and apathy towards its player base.

Yes there are spelling mistakes in my title. Deal with it, the post title is the subject of a eve mail I received recently. As such, here is the mail.


CCPs disreguard of game mechanic abuse, general greifing, and apathy towards its player base.
From: Mannington Skank
Sent: 2013.09.01 17:32
To: Tri-Star Galactic Industries, Jean-Pierre Olenarde,

I can no longer tolerate CCPs disreguard of game mechanic abuse in the war dec system, the market system, the contract system, chat bot spam, scamming, general player greifing, and apathy towards its player base. One cannot even invite new players into corps due to the almost certainity that they are either spais or theives above any reprucussions.

Tonight i will let all 5 of my eve accounts expire. If you had open contracts for minerals or ships with me I have refunded all isk and materials. Its been a pleasure. Fly safe.



Now statements like this aren’t all that uncommon. You often will see someone posting something like this after playing the trial on the forum, and playing for a month. Or something like that, and rarely will they have more than 1 character.

But this player is a 2006 character. That’s 7 years in the game. With 5 different accounts. That’s just crazy. That’s several thousand dollars invested in a game, which in all honesty hasn’t changed all that much in its player base, or attitude to griefing, spais, or thieves. Well, not in the 3 years that I’ve been playing eve for anyway.

It makes me wonder, what ticked inside this players mind that they finally decided that they’d had enough? I know our alliance has been under war dec by a corp for nearly a month by the same 8 man corp, none of them ever show up though, and all of their previous wars have been no show affairs, but this war dec hasn’t changed anything for the alliances operating procedures at all. We just keep doing our things like we always have. Granted I didn’t know this pilot at all, I didn’t even know of the corp this pilot was in until I looked at the pilot. But surely even after a year or two they would have realised what this game was about, why on earth did they spend 7 years in this game?

Or maybe it is CCP’s fault. Maybe I haven’t noticed something that CCP is doing. Maybe CCP are making it too easy for griefers, on chatbots, on market bots. I’ve not noticed this though, although CCP do need to do a bit more against market/chat bots, but they are hard to deal with (From CCPs side of things)

But hey – What do you think? Is it CCP, or is this just a case of a crazy player who let things go for too long?

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  1. I think that CCP has become very lax in these areas. I think that they are making it way to easy to grief on way to many levels and many of us are getting very tired of it.

    I am a bitter vet of Eve online. Been playing since beta, have multiple accounts and have a real love and enjoyment for the game. That being said, I log onto the game to have fun and that has not been happening lately. With all of the bots (in all of their different forms)< CCP’s continued support with the backing of CSM for more needless changes to the game AND all the new and improved ways to grief people it is even making me think about finding another game.

    So the person you are referring to is not alone. I think you will see more people shutting down more of their accounts slowly over the next year. Time will tell.

    Want to discuss this more you can always catch me online. I will not be quitting any time soon but I DO share what others are feeling about recent events and changes.

  2. I already have, just looking for a market niche to keep plexes going until I can make my accounts uber sellable. then Im off to a more user friendly game, where people are actually joining and staying. more importantly, the game owners dont tolerate asshats ruining the game for new players. they understand that every new player is potential money and if someone that wants to be an asshat is ruining the game for ten players, that asshat has got to go, regardless of how much he pays. eve should take from that example, one player ruins the game for 3, that is breaking even, if they ruin it for ten, its messing with the bottom line of a company and shouldnt be tolerated. deuces

  3. As one of these “griefers,” CCP is definitely not being lax on us. The amount of times that they’ve nerfed out activities is astounding.

    In regards to the comments about botting, well, no one likes botting except the people doing it. Even most of the griefers are against it.

    And, more times than not, if I’m griefing you, you’ve earned it in some way. If you want griefing to stop, start requiring API keys of people requesting to get into your corp, stop shooting people who are suspect, and (generally speaking) don’t be a moron. Griefing is easy because there is a fair amount of stupid people playing that will fall for almost anything.

    And besides, that’s basically one of the selling points of EVE: you can do almost anything you want so long as it doesn’t violate the EULA. This includes griefing, scamming, ect. So by all means, submit more petitions, I love hearing about people doing so only to have CCP respond with “Working as Intended.”

  4. The Truth of EVE

    EVE is a niche game, it’s not WoW or GW2 or DotA… it’s the one true FFA Sandbox (Free For All Open World) out there. And those aspects, FFA = truly free to do as you please an anarchic game mechanic combined with, true sandbox = no preset goals (IE quests meaning in EVE, crap PVE) means the “players are the game” and I mean ‘game’ in ALL it’s meanings…


    a form of play or sport, esp. a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck (IE we all know why we play).
    a type of activity or business, esp. when regarded as a game (IE the AT).
    wild mammals or birds or hunted for sport or food. (IE quarry, prey, victim)

    eager and willing to do something new or challenging (IE definition of an EVE player).

    play games of chance for money (IE ISK, status, fame).
    manipulate (a situation), typically in a way that is unfair or unscrupulous (IE goons). =]

    EVE’s mechanics, as we all know, have varying levels of security. Hisec with it’s fast CONCORD intervention can allow smart savvy players almost complete safety, but not complete. There are a few mechanics to get around CONCORD to a degree and with a cost. There are also responses to theses mechanics, again with a cost.

    Lowsec, nullsec and negsec (wormholes) all have reduced to non-existent CONCORD intervention or repercussions. IMHO Anoikis (Wormhole space) is the truest FFA in EVE because CONCORD doesn’t even know what we do there. POD kill 50 players and pop out a wormhole into Amarr w/o ANY sec status hit at all.

    The thing is, it IS “Working as Intended.” … EVE is a niche game, it is the one game of it’s size and scope that allows for full open ended player vs player gameplay. What that former player wanted was for CCP to coddle him and protect him in a game INTENTIONALLY designed not to. He also left out the amount of player w player interaction. Corps, Alliances, pickup fleets flying together, banding together in mutual support. Working together to overcome the obstacles inherent in an Open World FFA game.

    The telling statement from his letter for me was, “…above any repercussions.” CCP provides only for limited repercussions in Hisec EVE, the rest is up to us. He gave up. People do that… You can blame CCP all you want, but the truth of EVE is, it’s up to YOU, to each of us, to take care of ourselves in this truly amazing ‘verse CCP has created.

    The Truth of EVE, it is up to us. HTFU or unsub.

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