And he returned!

My little friend returned with good news about my POS.

trottel martin > hi
Daytrader of Alcohol > So apparently setting someone to -10 allows them to open up a conversation without the need to ask about it.
Daytrader of Alcohol > Learn something new every day
trottel martin > 🙂
trottel martin > have to say sry ,,, we have to wait a little bit with the war
Daytrader of Alcohol > I was wondering about that.
trottel martin > but it comes next weeks
Daytrader of Alcohol > Is there a limit on the number of war decs you can have at once?
trottel martin > no
Daytrader of Alcohol > Why the wait?
trottel martin > we have an order to another corp they are importent so we have to wait a little bit
Daytrader of Alcohol > Ah yes – important clients vs regular clients who are willing to wait?
trottel martin > war will come trust me bb

A little part of me is excited about this. A little part of me is going “Oh, it’s taken this long for someone to make a move against my POS” And yet another part of me is going “If they’d just asked, I’d probably have given it to them.” And another part again, is thinking “Stuff it, lets just take the POS down, you can get another one”

Ah well.

In other news – my alliance is putting out a magazine. they even used one of my articles from my blog!
Should go ahead and read it! It’s pretty cool!
Incursion news: Not much.
I’m working out TVP’s SRF details, IE, how much we can afford, how much should be charged, how much should be covered etc. So far, looking ok, just need to figure out how many people daily go through our fleets. That’s gonna be the fun part.
I managed to watch one of my friends stream the other day. SirSqueebles is his Twitch name (and his in game channel) although he goes by the in game name Ceofore Aideron. He’s pretty chill dude.
Not much more to report, such is life. Here are some screen shots!