Drunk Astrophyscist

The title refers to the fact that my neighbour (Who is an Astrophysics lecturer at the local uni) has evidently been drinking in excess today… and has been speaking loudly all day. Originally he spoke on how some girls where trying to get him to give them a better grade… then I heard him talk about cooking… now he is talking about the measure of a man.

I dont think there is anyone with him…
But anyway. Started using my first destroyer today. A thrasher… which I called Basher.
Dw, I am quite lame, i know.
Anyway, I gave Basher a 7x 200mm Autocannon fit, with active shield tank and a Web. For now just to be used in PVE,once i get used to the ship may try some PvP in it. Although I already put a warp scrambler on it…
But anyway, enough of that.
That PLEX debacle (Check my previous post to read about it) has been raising A LOT of talk on other blogs. Some ranting on about how CCP isnt delivering services that have been paid for, to other people ranting on how some pilots can be so stupid as to leave a station in JITA with 74 plex in hold… in an untanked ship… while at war with another corp.
Personally… I think that CCP has allowed for services that were paid for, to not be delivered. But was it CCP’s choice for the pilot to undock with 74 plex in their hold? Was it their choice that said corps were at war? Was it their choice that made the pilot have fitted the ship out… without any tank?
No… it wasnt…
It was their choice to make it possible for it to be able to happen, but not their choice for it all to happen. Just in the same way it wasn’t Alfred Nobel’s idea for the explosion to happen in the shed he owned that killed his younger brother.
But it happened. Does anyone call him a murderer?
No… of course not.
People let it go… someone lost some plex while at war with some other people… big deal. GET OVER IT
But anyway… A few days off training for assault ships. 😀