Ship naming?

Among other blogs, there has been talk of naming schemes for ships, ie do u follow any theme when you name your ships. One of the bloggers in the blog pack talked about how his naming scheme on his main account, is ass. As such he has ships named ass rape, ass hole and something else ass related…

Another blogger called his combat ships ancient gods of war etc etc.
Personally i try to name my ships something humorous (well maybe not that funny… but maybe a bit witty) that either relates to the ship it self, or to the name it originally had.
For example, I call my Hoarder “Fatty” simply because it has a MASSIVE cargo hold (12,500m3, not as good as a mammoth but I’m working on it…), my recently bought stabber I called Stabbity Stab Stab, and my Retreiver, I called Golden Retreiver. My rifter on the other hand… Due to me not being able to come up with anything… I simply called Nokia E63 (the phone i have… although it isnt working atm…)
Although I’m Fairly certain noone reads this, hopefully only for now… and in a few months/years my blog shall be world famous and read my EVE nerds and other normal nerds alike! and maybe even someone that isnt a nerd may read it!
But anyway, i got sidetracked in delusions of grandeur… If someone does read this, feel free to comment on what your naming schemes are!

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  1. I usually name my ships after things in other games I like, such as Myth:TFL, and Thief. Or I just describe the ship or its function, ie: scavenger, rust bucket, Grocery Getter.

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