I’m Back!

So, i went out for an extended long weekend at out a real mine for work, not spending the time doing internet spaceship mining….

Was great and i loved it.
Anyway, back to EVE.
Bought myself an Interceptor and a Stealth bomber the other day from a fella who was moving and didnt want to have to carry it all. 20mil for a Hawk and Crow. And the fella even bought them from low sec into high sec for me 😀
So I shall have to train up for them once I have finished training for Mining Barges, and maybe exhumers…
But in other news… I was thinking of a possible EVE wide event that could be held, or put it as a division of Hulkageddon. Either way… Anyway, this event or division would focus on killing mining vessels… that are suspected of being Macrominers… Cause they just annoy all of us… and clutter the belts and take all our minerals. So I propose that an event should be held to clear up this mess!