THE FIRST ONE OMG ITS the first one….

Greetings fellow EVE players and anyone else crazy enough to read this! (although i doubt anyone will for a while…)

First of all i would like to say that i have no idea how to start a Blog off… so I’m just gonna say how I started EVE and how its been going so far.
Well… it all started one day during my stint of unemployment… when i went to the library…
Yes thats right a library… where they have books. I like boooks… just not skill books (so annoying!)
Anyway, one of the books i got out was called: EVE, The empyrean age.
Good book, recommend u read it
Anyway, the entire time while i was reading it i kept thinking “man this is such an amazing backstory!” (which is one of the things i love most about all games… such as the C&C universe, and warhammer etc)
Anyway, when i got to the end of the book… i saw a page… of thanks.
And it thanked this company which made this game called EVE online.
So i went to my computer and googled it… as all good nerds do!
And i downloaded it one night… and due to no work the next day… started playing.
After doing the basic tutorial i started on a millitary career path… but didnt finish it… instead moving out from where i started (no idea where that was… where do minmatar vherkios start?)
Anyway, the then moved to Gelfiven as a member in a player run corp… which consisted of me, another fella that started the same day, and the ceo who was using it so he knew what to do in his main.
After about 3 days of us all joining… the other fella left. And i never saw the CEO again… so i left as well.Sure i enjoyed my breif stay in Gelfiven, but there was no agents to do missions with if i didnt feel like mining, and noone from my corp was ever on.
So somehow i got in contact with Hans Felix (my current CEO) Trio Industrial Mining Corporation H S A (no i dont know what the HSA mean either… ) About this time, i had only been playing for about 2 or 3 weeks. I had myself A rifter, Breacher, Probe and a Hoarder, as well as a rookie ship (I think…)
So once i joined, and had about a month off to help my parents move house and help organise some camps… I made the 26 journey from Gelfiven over in minmatar space, to Goram in Ammarian space.
I loved it there… The rats where better to kill (although i had NO idea where the agents where… so i just killed the asteroid belt ones and mined…) I then started training to get my mining and refining up so that i could manufacture stuff….
This continued up until one day when I went out ratting in the belts… As i normally did i went from top to bottom killing all the rats, looting and going back to sell what i didnt want, keep what i did want, then go out mining. But this was different… While i was looting, one of the items was special… very special… something i had NEVER seen before… let alone afford (i had never even had over a mil ISK at this point…)
It was some implant that did something or other… i dont even remember what it was called… i remember it was orange… idk…
The important thing was… I sold it for…
150 million ISK…
Which is a fair bit for someone who have never had a mill before…
So i decided it was time to buy some skills and ships…
So i bought all the races frigates books, and the Minmatar cruiser book. As well as the books needed to use Mining barges. (plus a bunch of learning skills and infomorph physcology so I could use jump clones…)
And once i could, I bought a Rupture and fitted it out for Ratting… then i learnt the hard way why u DONT use cruisers against frigates…
It just did nothing… so back out my Rifter came (called Nokia E63…)
At one point i thought about venturing into low sec… see if i can find some PVP.. so i did… and died… in my rupture.. was quite cut… but learnt (didnt have any plating on it… just some artilerrary… stasis web and a sheild booster…)
Then they asked for 10mil or theyd kill my pod… which i kindly refused… seeming as i didnt care bout my clone (my clone was 1 jump away from Goram… and was up to date…)
So that was my first PVP encounter… and i failed (BTW i was up against another Rupture, a Rifter and something else… i forget)
After this… i have no long tried my hand (yet… i will one day return)
but after this… one of the directors bought a new office for the corp in Laddiha… so I moved with him. Little did I know that it was only 4 jumps from Providence… So that should be fun… once Hulkageddon 4 comes around… (gah)
So now that Im out there… I can now use a retreiver to mine with. (although in about 3 months i shall be using my covetor) Although i have mainly been mission running.
Although i did get a shock the other day when i checked my standings… The minmatar republic hates me! I have a standing with them of -.78… guess that means i wont be returning there!
Anyway thats all for me!
P.S. Thanks to CrazyKinux for the Blog pack! (which is awesome… get Capsuleer on ur ipod/iphone and read the blogs!