Total Worth

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Short post. Logged in, getting my stuff out of null sec. Saw this. Interesting little addition. Apparently got added in March but only just noticed it today. Would be more interesting if it went account wide, not just a single character though.


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This was something that I was thinking about the other day, and then a found an example of it on Instagram. Online forums lend themselves to anonymity, which then lends itself to varying degrees of bullying. This isn’t something unique to any particular community, but is common to any online based community. Different communities deal […]

Introducing Tetra Paints

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For those that have not noticed, I have not been posting much lately despite my wishes otherwise. I have not found much time to play Eve, but have recently got back into painting Warhammer 40k miniatures. I’ll likely be posting some images every now and then. You can follow my Instagram though for more regular […]

Finding some action

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As always, I’m not one to sit around and wait for too long once I’ve decided to do something. This is probably an issue on my part, but such is life. Almost immediately after my last post, I found an alliance who was looking for some more corps, and they accepted my little band of […]