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And I’m back!

As some of you may have noticed, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Mainly due to limited time, I wasn’t able to play as much as I’d like. I’ve recently started playing again and it’s been great. There have been a number of little changes to the game that people haven’t been speaking about

Caldarification (BB #66)

My goodness, I need to post more! (Need to play more too!) Welcome to the continuing monthly EVE Blog Banters and our 66th edition! For more details about what the blog banters are please visit the Blog Banter page. Caldarification The art team has been working on many art assets recently and there has been

Drifting incursions

This is interesting… Drifter incursions! I missed that… Let’s see what we can do…

Carbon Copies

-o0o- Welcome to the continuing monthly EVE Blog Banters and our 65th edition! For more details about what the blog banters are visit the Blog Banter page. This months Banter was suggested by Jakob Anedalle “I liked the discussion on The Neocom’s recent “Tinfoil Factory” on the future of attributes in Eve. Perhaps piggyback on

Passing of the Baton. (BB #64)

The end of an era has come. The responsibilities of the Blog Banter has passed to a new lord. First was the BlogFather, CrazyKinux at CrazyKinux’s Musing. Then was Kirith Kodachi, hidden in the Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah. Now it’s Drakharn, of Sand Cider and Spaceships. And with that… let’s start the Blog Banter.

Exciting Video – Who says small gang is dead?

I came across this video today that I felt the need to share. Not my own, but a lovely example of a few people going out and doing their thing. Lovely example of a Kronos done right.

Apply cold water to the burnt area

When CCP released the new Eve Store, everyone complained about the prices, and lack of variety. From what I gather, this was mainly from their partner, Musterbrand. Apparently CCP’s contract with Musterbrand is over, and CCP have had this to say about it. “These art prints, gorgeous as they are, are not the only thing

EVE support

As many people that are also CEO’s of their corporations, I recently recieved an email with a link to this article from CCP, which I think of as pretty cool. Pretty nifty for CCP to have gone and emailed all the CEO’s about a potential bug that may have lost them billions of isk, and

Eve News

I was browsing the forums for some Django/IGB stuff the other day (Django is a python platform for programming web apps) – and came across a nice little Eve News app for Android. Available on the Play Store, here. Nice little app. Has a collection of different blogs you can read, select the different blogs

Balanced Ships

I was thinking today, about all these ship balancing that have been done in the game in the past few years, and I came to a conclusion. As much as people like to claim that this game is a PVP game, and that the aim of the game is to blow people up etc. The